Paddle Pickup

Length of Wales; 2018

In May 2018, Paddle Pickup will return! This time a new all-female team will be put together to kayak coast to coast the full length of Wales. Totalling over 240km, the team have a huge task ahead of them to clear as much of the waterways of plastic pollution as they can.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR FEMALE TEAMMATES!! Find out how you can join the team here!!!

Width of Britain; 2017

In 2017, a team of women came together to kayak the full width of Britain from Bristol to London. The team navigated 300km of waterways and 151 locks. Along the way, they collected plastic pollution from the water.

The women in the team came from all backgrounds and abilities but came together via a passion for protecting our oceans. By the end of the expedition they had collected over 3200 pieces of plastic pollution and had inspired thousands to change to think about how they use plastic every day.

Videos, photos and updates from the expedition: