Paddle Pickup was put together by adventurers Bex Band and Erin Bastian who wanted to do something about an issue that really upset them – ocean pollution.

Plastic is a huge contribution to debris in our seas, yet can easily be reduced just by human habit. So they decided it was time for a change and to shout about what they cared about, in the best way they know how….adventure!

Bex and Erin came up with a world-first expedition called Coast 2 Coast that will not only directly reduce plastic in our waters but will also help raise public awareness on the problems with plastic pollution.

They’ve both seen first hand how adventure can have a lasting impact by connecting people to nature and inspiring change.


million tons of plastic dumped in our seas every year


of ocean pollution comes from land-based activities

trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean

Erin & Bex

Erin Bastian

Erin Bastian

Erin lives and breaths adventure. Perusing her passion for exploration from the age of 17, adventure has taken her all over the world. She’s most at home, navigating unmapped fjords, climbing mountains, trekking remote foot hills, skiing steep alpine mountains and sleeping under the stars.  

Her dream is to show others what’s out there to explore. She believes that adventure brings out the best in us. It fosters determination, resilience, and gives us a better perspective on the world we live in. Life is for living, and life experiences are whats truly valuable.

Bex Band

Bex Band

Bex is an adventure blogger, speaker and ocean advocate. Since quitting her job as a teacher she has completed a number of adventures including sailing across the North Sea and hiking, self-supported, over 1000km the full length of Israel. Most recently she is leading an expedition hiking the equivalent height of Everest over 5 days in the Lake District.

She is also co-founder and director of Love Her Wild, a community for female adventurers. Through this group and her blog, The Ordinary Adventurer, Bex hopes to inspire others to think big. She wants to prove that adventuring is not just for the rich, fit and rugged.

Videos, photos and updates from the expedition: